Purple Stuff

by The Great Vibration

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This entire album was written, recorded, and produced by The Great Vibration


released April 16, 2010

Big ups to The Carriage House



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The Great Vibration Philadelphia

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Track Name: Work Like That
Girl, you've been gone a long time.
I think you've been around the block.
Tell me what you're doing to my good good name.
I remember when I had you on lock.

But it doesn't work like that.
It doesn't ever work like that.
And it's been so long I've had a feeling this strong.
We never were like that.

Girl, why you gonna go and leave me?
Just so you can come back around?
Go and make your mind now woman.
You best stop acting like a clown.
Track Name: Not Your Buddy
So you start your go around and break them people down. There can never be no smiles, see that you will want around.
Now you'll go out and find yourself a pretty beautiful face then you'll go and break it off and say you "need some space"

Well I don't understand, why you think it makes you a man to go back on what you say, and cheat on the girls you play?

You and me buddy we tried to work this out, but you didn't try hard enough and your boyfriend wanted out. Now all the times you did me wrong, I never got you back. All the little things add up and I've killed for less than that.

What you fail to see, is wolves shouldn't dress up like sheep. You go back on what you say, and cheat on the girls you play.

I'm not your buddy guy.
It's never sunny. Why?
There's a big ass rain cloud,
that follows you everyday.
Track Name: The Night Has Come
You just sit around my house all day.
With nothing to do, but so much to say.
Then you'll have a drink or two or three or four
When the night has come you will fiend for more

Fiend for more
Fiend for more

So you finally left my couch today,
just to knock up on my door to play.
No outside cause there is no sun.
God knows how you'll change when the night has come.

The night has come.

{Gettin' booty outro}
Track Name: The Poor
Don't worry. You won't be broke for long. Heavy rain will end the drought. Then finally you can start living hand to mouth.

And there is much worse things than a lifetime of debt. Imagine one day you came home and the one you loved had left.

Now the Sun rose in the West and layed down in the Easy. I can tell you right now with this new Sun my Son, we can end our famine with feast.

But you can't put your finger on the reason why. NO, you don't know why she left. Really what it came down to is, it was something you never said.
Track Name: Family Matters
Daddy needs a ciggarette.
I think you smoked enough.
Daddy's in love with dying.
I think you live too much.

But tell me you got that something, you know that we all need. That something nobody can see. Without we ceased to be. Without it no reason to believe.

Daddy's going out tonight.
But you went out yesterday.
Daddy needs some money.
What you do with last week's pay?